Challenges and Problems in the Agricultural Industries

Challenges and Problems in the Agricultural Industries

Challenges and Problems in the Agricultural Industries – World still depend on agricultures to supply the foods. Even, it is calculated that population will keep increasing in upcoming years and there can be crisis of foods when the sector of agriculture do not get attention. It is necessary to improve the production rates of agricultural products and commodities to prepare the higher population in upcoming years. However, agricultural industries face general threats and challenges that may become hindrances to provide enough supplies of food for the whole humans in the world. Experts have made researches and show the general threats in the agricultural industries.

One of them is inadequate transports. This is specifically are found in the developing countries. The problems in transportations are caused by some issues. One of them is the lack of roads. In most developing countries, roads are not in good condition so it will delay the transport and distribution of the commodities. As the results, most of the products are already in bad condition once they arrive the in the destination. It becomes worse in some countries where the farmers are also lack of vehicles. As the results, it is time-consuming. The worse situation is that the farmers have to sell their products in lower price because they cannot find the buyers who are able to buy their harvests in good price. This creates serious issues to the welfare of farmers.

Next, it is problems in financial resources. Most farmers in developing countries face the same situations. They may have fields to grow the crops and plants. However, they are lack of funds to purchase the seeds and plants that they should nurture in their field. Moreover, they still need to purchase the fertilizers, pesticides, and even farming tools. Without proper funds, these are hard to handle. They have limited access to get the additional funds. There can be credits and lenders, but mostly they have high interests that will be hard for the farmers to handle. In the end, the farmers cannot cultivate the farm properly and even if they can do it, the production rate is not satisfying and even there are issues in qualities. They should get better support so they can invest in technologies and supplies to support their farming.

Challenges and Problems in the Agricultural Industries

In some areas, farmers can have good harvests and they can produce great quantity of agricultural products. However, agricultural industries are not merely about supplies, but this should also handle the agricultural marketing. It means that there should be proper system to enable farmers selling their products in good prices so they can get higher profits from what they have harvested. Unfortunately, some places are lack of agricultural marketing. There are some issues such as difficulties in finding the buyers and difficulties in transporting and delivering the agricultural products. In some countries, farmers face situations where they have to sell their goods in lower price because there is no proper supports and system in the agricultural marketing. So, it is not the matter of productivity because the products are enough but farmers are unable to sell them properly. Of course, governments should provide necessary systems to deal with the situation.

Soil erosions become other challenges. The erosions occur when the winds and water make the soils lose its necessary particles. When the erosion happens, it has direct impacts on the productivity and quality of harvests. Mostly, it happens because the water floods the soils and the water moves the necessary particles in the soil. In fact, the solution is not complicated. Farmers should be educated regarding this aspect. One of the methods to solve it is by controlling the level of water in the irrigation. When the water level and amount is controlled, soil can get enough water and there will not be flood that will cause erosion. Then, it is necessary to cover the crops to prevent the wild erosion.

In the previous part, water and irrigation becomes discussion in its relation to the soil erosion. Some areas have enough and even surplus supply of water so irrigation is easy. However, some areas face serious issues regarding the water supplies. Meanwhile, plants and crops need water to grow so lack of water will bring serious impact in the agricultural industries. Some developed countries have good management of water to provide proper irrigation, but some areas still have issues to handle it. In fact, it is not only the matter of water management, but there are other issues that affect the irrigation. Climate changes and bad infrastructure become other causes that make irrigation cannot work well.

Of course, it cannot be denied that seeds have important roles in agricultural industries. Quantity and quality of agricultural products are affected by the seeds. Regarding the seeds, some farmers face troubles. First, some of them cannot have enough financial capabilities to purchase good seeds so they can only have lower quality of seeds that make their production lower. Then, there are also problems in availability of good seeds. As for this aspect, it is government supports that will be needed to provide good seeds for farmers.