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The Art of Flavor The Cuisine

We’re obsessed with our food.  Thus, our day starts at 6 a.m. with a trip to the local area Farmer’s Markets to find the perfect produce for that day.  If it doesn’t look, taste and smell right, we don’t bring it back with us.  (Sometimes, we have to switch up the menu to make sure that nothing underwhelming shows up in our dishes).  We also engage with the finest meat purveyors in Los Angeles to pick out savory cuts of meat that are choice enough to satisfy our inner hunters.  Then, we take our prizes back to the kitchen, where our main rule is:

If we can prepare it in-house, we prepare it in-house.  

This means we make our own robust chutney; our own piquant “Farmer’s Market Massacre” Bloody Mary Mix (with 30 different fire-roasted ingredients); our own ricotta, goat cheese, and yogurt; and our own breads.  Are we going overboard?

Never. You can’t go overboard striving for perfection.

As for the dishes themselves, our take on Provençal cooking is very simple and clean, using thoughtful methods to heighten flavors, and, of course, using tons of herbs.  A good example is our signature “Goachetta,” a dish that starts with a whole goat and takes around five hours to prepare, total.  It’s served with chevre gnocchi, rapini, mint, olives, and smoked red pepper sugo, and is centered around what we hope will be the most mouth-watering goat loin you’ll ever taste.

To see more of our offerings check out our menus.

The Farm Feel With an Urban Touch The Farm

leather seat

Industriel has many touches to take you back to the farm: textured walls, reclaimed wood, vintage crates, antique pulleys, and mason jars with paper covers secured by twine.  But we didn’t want to go all the way back to the farm here in downtown LA.  So we also have funkier flourishes as well, like rock-star-red seats and a curious golden-lit cascade of hanging honeybears.

We love downtown, but when you walk in, we want you to be transported to a different place.  A place where you won’t want to just eat and run, but where you’ll want to hide from the world and marinate for a while in our ultra-comfortable hand-made cushioned love seats.

We also want you to stay long enough to enjoy desserts prepared by our amazing pastry chef, Meadow Ramsey.  Her vegan chocolate pudding with faux cream and candied cocoa nibs won’t make you give up your carnivorous ways, but it will make you want to propose to her.

Regardless of your gender.


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